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How to Reset Longse Admin Password

Longse Bitvision XVR Password Reset Guide

Longse XVR Password Reset

How to Reset Longse Bitvision XVR / DVR Admin Password?

The default password for Longse XVR / NVR is 12345. But if you have forgotten the password and unable to login through credentials or you have forgotten the security answers as well then  you might need to reset the device. You will require to download the necessary firmware for your device and update it in order to reset the device to factory settings.

Follow the step by step guide to unlock Longse XVR and reset the Admin Password.

Table of Contents

1. Connect the XVR to PC

2. Download and Install the Longse Search Tool

3. Run the Search Tool Software to find the firmware version of the Device

4. Download the Necessary Firmware to a USB Disk

5. Plugin the USB disk to XVR and Restart the Device

6. After reboot use the default password "12345" to login

Connect the XVR / NVR to PC

Download & Install Longse Search Tool

Longse Search Tool

Find the Firmware of XVR 

Plugin the USB Disk and Restart the XVR / NVR

You will see a Yellow Color Progress bar which indicate the firmware is updating.

longse admin password reset

Follow the setup wizard to modify the password

Login using the default password for Longse - "12345"

Step by Step Guide to Reset  Admin Password for Longse XVR


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  1. Giúp tôi lấy.lại pass đầu ghi Longse NVR 3609D SN 8701733956250

  2. 20F8243472E4332C
    Please can you send me dynamic password

  3. Longse XVR 3521D
    SN 8601862552797
    Pls send me a dynamic password

    1. Click Forget password, select dynamic password and send me the code that appears

  4. AFA5787A0B0E6D70
    can you please send me the dynamic password?

    SN 8601294523055
    Please send dynamic password

  6. 37155E63BA1A262F
    Please can you send me dynamic password. TQ

  7. Thanks for your blog, I had replaced my XVR firmware but its P2P function didn't work and the device didn't appeared in mobile app, and the XVRs MAC changed with every reboot.
    So is there any way return XVR to its original state?

  8. hi good day i have problem with my dynamic password i hope you can help me this is my serial number 91F1ECAC7A08242AF

    thank you

  9. I need some assistance please, I've taken ownership of a house with a Longse XVRDA2004HD and no details have been supplied, I've tried the firmware update process but the upload doesn't seem to engage from the USB, I can give you a dynamic password when you ask for it.

    1. The firmware I have is XVR_3520DV400_6158C_4_BD_4G_V9.1.47.1_E00029677

  10. 1F796A9617A1CA34 give me dynamic password