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XMEYE Error Codes

List of Error Codes for XMEYE that you should know in order to troubleshoot the problem.

xmeye error code

XMEye DVR Offline.

You might be wondering why is my XMEYE DVR/NVR or the IP Camera is offline. If you get one of these error codes for XMeye, you could troubleshoot yourself by applying the solutions below.

Error-11204: The maximum number of NAT video connections has been reached; no new NAT video connections may be established. Because there are too many internet users trying to access the video feed, you can set a password or restart your device to gain access again.

Error-11300: No permission; the newly created account set permissions that your device could not handle.

Error-11301: The login account and password are both invalid; please double-check your password. Only one account per email address is allowed.

Error-11302: No account/email has been found; please create a new account.

Error-11307: Device does not exist or is down. Check the NAT status in the system's info page of your IPC/DVR/NVR to see if it is successful. If the NAT status is successful, double-check that the serial number is correct.

Error 11314-11315: Incorrect password

Error-11303: The user has been locked; DVR/NVR users will be locked if they repeatedly attempt to connect to the system using incorrect passwords.

Error-10005: Network timeout, changing network environment, or checking NAT status in the device's system information page.

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