Hotspot VS FreeVPN

 What is the Best VPN for Windows?

free vpn

HotSpot Shield is a popular piece of software, owing to the ease with which users can access Hulu and watch shows from countries other than the United States. However, since Hulu imposed additional restrictions and blocked Hotspot Shield users, there is no reason for users to continue using it.

Hotspot Shield is not free because it is practically ad-supported and requires users to click on an ad when they first start up. This is infuriating and you almost lose patience with it.

FreeVPN is a free Windows VPN client that does not contain advertisements. The interface is straightforward and does not require any configuration.

Best of all, you can connect to a VPN not only in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom, allowing users to remain anonymous. Allows users to bypass firewalls and secure their web sessions with HTTPS encryption.

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