How to Extend the Trial Period of any Software

Extend the Trial Period of any Software.

Extend Trial version of software

Remove trial software time limit with Time Stopper

You might have downloaded a trial version of software and fell in love with it. The next step would be to use this software indefinitely, but how would you do so? You might be wondering How to bypass the trial version validity period. Time Stopper is Software which is a free Windows tool that can stop the time of any trial software for you. For example, suppose you downloaded a software with a 15-day trial period, used it for three days, and it expires in 12 days. Simply launch Time Stopper, select a schedule, enter a date between the trial limit, and it will handle the rest by stopping the time for you.

Time Stopper is a small application that allows you to run any type of application on a specific date before it expires. As a result, the application behaves exactly as if it were running on that specific date.

This tool will pause the time for the trial software, but it will not change or pause the time on your system.

How to Extend the Trial Period of any Software

1.       1. Download and Install the Time Stopper Tool

2.     2. Click “Browse” and select the Trial Software you want to extend

3.     3. Select a Date within the Trail Period of the Software

4.     4. Create a Desktop Short-Cut Icon

After installing Time Stopper to run any trial software, be sure to delete all desktop icons of the Trial software. This way, you won't accidentally click on the original program icon, which would result in the trial period expiring permanently. I would also recommend reading the help file that comes with Time Stopper.

It is not a new tool, but it is compatible with the majority of currently available trial software and works with all versions of Windows. You can also learn how to reinstall the trial software after it has expired.

Time Stopper is free, compatible with all versions of Windows and is distributed in a Zip file of only 929 KB.

Download Time Stopper

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