How to Retrieve the Safety Code for Your IMOU Camera: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Retrieve the Safety Code for Your IMOU Camera: Step-by-Step Guide


Ensuring the security of your property is essential, and IMOU cameras offer a reliable solution. But what happens if you forget the safety code to access your IMOU camera? In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the steps to recover the safety code for your IMOU camera so you can continue to monitor your property effectively.

Retrieve the Safety Code for Your IMOU Camera

Step 1: Factory Reset the Camera

  1. Connect Power: Plug in the camera's power source and allow it to boot up for about two to three minutes.
  2. Reset Button: Press and hold the reset button on the camera for 15 to 30 seconds. The camera's status light will blink green, indicating that the camera has been reset.
  3. Restart: Wait another two to three minutes for the camera to fully restart.

Step 2: Connect the Camera

  1. Direct Connection: Use a network cable to connect the camera directly to your computer.
  2. Initialize with New Password: Download and run the IMOU Config Tool software as an administrator. The software will detect the uninitialized camera.
  3. Initialization: Select the camera from the software and click "Initialize." Set a new password and confirm it. You can also choose to set an email for recovery purposes.

Step 3: Add the Camera to the App

  1. Internet Connection: Connect the camera to the internet using a network cable.
  2. Add Manually: Open the IMO Life app and click the "+" symbol, then select "Add Manually."
  3. Camera Information: Enter your camera's name, serial number (from step 2), and the password you activated.
  4. Region Selection: Choose your region from the list and proceed.

Step 4: Retrieve the Safety Code

  1. Access Settings: Open the IMO Life app, click the settings icon, and choose "Device Label."
  2. Find Safety Code: Here, you'll find the Safety Code of your camera. Make sure to save it in a secure location.


Forgetting the safety code for your IMOU camera can be a frustrating situation, but following these steps will help you regain access and control over your security setup. By factory resetting the camera, connecting it to your computer, initializing it with a new password, and adding it to the IMO Life app, you can easily recover the safety code and continue monitoring your property. Remember to keep the Safety Code secure and easily accessible.


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