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Download Karassn Central Monitor Software

Download Karassn Central Monitor Software for GSM / PSTN IP Alarm Panels

Karassn Security&Protection Electronics Company Ltd was founded in 2000 in Quanzhou, China. A reputable developer and manufacturer of high-quality security products, Karassn is a member of the China Security Industry Association as well as the Quanzhou Security Technology Association.

karassn security alarm panels

Karassn has developed 14 major lines of security products and over 100 types of security products with a strong R&D team, which are widely used in home security, commercial security, and industrial security. We fully comply with ISO 9001:2008 standards, and the majority of our products are CCC and CE certified. We are convinced that strict monitoring of each step in the manufacturing process is the key to our products' superior performance.

Download Central Monitor Software

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