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What is Dahua TiOC Cameras?

TIOC Cameras from Dahua

Dahua TIOC cameras, also known as three in one cameras, are security cameras that integrate color 24/7 monitoring, active deterrence through red / blue light and siren audio, and artificial intelligence in an innovative solution, saving distributors and installers a significant amount of time and money. The TIOC can accurately identify potential risks and effectively warn intruders, creating a deterrent effect and effectively helping to protect.

dahua tioc

What problems do Dahua TiOC cameras help solve?

  • False Alarms: Too much time is wasted checking for alarms caused by pets, insects, leaves, and other non-threatening objects.
  • Late answer: Video playback can only be relied upon for confirmation after an event.
  • Difficult evidence retrieval: Lack of effective proofs with colorless images at night.
  • Complex systems implementation: Very complicated and expensive systems

TiOC offers a precise alarm function when targeting people and vehicles, while filtering out non-target objects such as animals, leaves, or car lights. It keeps the false alarm rate below 2%, its powerful artificial intelligence algorithms also offer faster, more accurate and longer-range motion detection. (In HDCVI system, all AI functions are performed by XVR-I2 recorders). The detection distance of Smart Motion Detection 2.0 SMD 2.0 increased by more than 185%. The false alarm rate is the same as during the day, less than 2%.

Red and blue light: Greater visibility even in fog or rain, more perceptible than white light.
Enhanced sound: Up to 110dB. Bidirectional Conversation with IPC. Possibility of playing custom audios.
Real-time notifications : Notifications via push to the APP. Visual verification at any time. Armed and disarmed with a single click.

Full Color 24/7

  • Present color images and capture more vivid detail in low-light conditions.
  • Significantly increases the probability of collecting evidence from people, vehicles and events thanks to the full color image.

Excellent video quality in the dark

  • Provides a warm and intelligent auxiliary light to ensure image clarity even in total darkness.
  • It avoids the reflection of the rain and does not attract insects.
  • Up to 98% AI accuracy at night.

The IP cameras TIOC Dahua can work autonomously, and if a NVR is used it is advisable to use a NVR2-I with Wizsense. The HDCVI TIOC cameras require the use of a recorder XVR-I2.

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