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Download Dahua Smart Player

Download Dahua Video Player for PC

Download Dahua Smart Player

Dahua Smart Player is a great piece of media player software for the security industry. It has a number of features, including play, frame check, and intelligent track display. It allows for multiple-window synchronization or asynchronous play. It has a multi-channel display mode and a customizable setup. Instead of the traditional process bar, it uses a time line design. Customizable time line accuracy configuration is supported. It invokes the play module to carry out the play operation and employs the framework design of the plug-in matching mode. It reduces the likelihood of bugs occurring when performing maintenance work and can meet flexible customized requirements.

Dahua Smart Player has the following features: frame-by-frame backward play function, support for various speeds.

Playback of multiple channels at the same time.

Local zooming in and dragging (So called electronic PTZ function.)

Support preview by periods to find the scene you're looking for quickly.

Record synchronization playback of these periods is supported.

Intelligent device bit stream playback is supported, and intelligent event information can be displayed on the video.

Frame verification and bit stream format switching are supported to avoid vicious bit stream modification.

Video property view is supported.

H265, svac bit stream are supported.

Playback of avi, mp4, flv, asf, mov, dav, and dav_ files is supported.

Brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue can all be adjusted.

Configuration of shortcut keys Audio/video synchronization strategy has been improved.

Optimized fast play strategy, with support for a variety of fast play speeds.

Enhanced the way video is presented by optimizing the time line.

File list management has been improved.

When playing general video, provide general video and support the record separate screen function.

When watching a fisheye video, please support it.

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