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Port Forwarding CCTV DVR

AVTECH Network Setup Guide        

Port Forwarding the Router for CCTV DVR or  NVR

In this video we will demonstrate on how to Setup Network with the Free DDNS provided by AVTECH for DVR, NVR or IP Camera. You can view through Mobile and PC using this DDNS Hostname. You will have to set the Port Forwarding for your router. First of all you might have to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and request for a Pubic IP. In most countries it’s free of charge. Make sure you ask for Public IP NOT Static IP. You will have to pay your ISP if you request for Static IP. You can view on Eagleeyes App for Android and Apple IOS for Mobile and Tablet and with the Free DDNS you can connect to AVTECH CMS Lite which is a Free Software to view Live and Playback on PC and Laptop. Router settings for Port Forwarding could differ according to brands but mostly you could find it under Firewall, Advance Setting or Virtual Servers.

You can also Setup the EaZy Network for QR-Code Scanning, you can view the setup guide here https://www.shaktech.info/2021/06/avtech-network-setup-guide-eazy.html


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