Hikvision DVR Password Reset Guide

How to Reset Hikvision DVR Password on SADP Tool


Hikvision Password Reset Tool


Please follow the link

https://www.hikvision.com/en/support/tools/destop-tools/sadp-for-windows/ to download the latest version of SADP on your computer.

NOTE: The Hikvision device and the computer which installed SADP should be in the same subnet.

Open SADP Tool to search online devices. Select the device and click Forget Password:

Hikvision DVR Password Reset



You might see one of the three pop-ups.





1. If the pop-up requires a security code, please turn to method 1.



2. If the pop-up requires encrypted file, please turn to method 2.


Hikvision dvr password reset






If the pop-up requires encrypted file or key, please turn to method 2 or 3.



Method 1, Device Information

Copy Start Time and Device Serial No.,then send the information to Hikvision technical support team, support team would send back security codes.

Note: Please reboot the device to check the Start Time.



After receiving security codes, please choose one code according to device’s current time.





Input security code then click Confirm.








Method 2XML File


Click Export button to save xml file,then send the XML file to Hikvision technical support team.






Hikvision technical support team will send the encrypted file back. Choose the path of the encrypted file, input your new password and confirm, click Confirm to reset password.






Note: The encrypted file would be valid for 48 hours.






Method 3QR CODE


With this method you can export the XML file or take a screenshot of QR code. If you export the XML file, please refer to method 2 to reset password.

You can also send the screenshot of QR code to Hikvision technical support team.


Hikvision technical support team will send back the key consists of numbers and letters (8 bytes).

Input the key, type in the new password and confirm. Click Confirm to reset password.


Note: If you want to reset the password of NVR and connected cameras simultaneously please choose “Reset Network Cameras’ Passwords” option.






























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