Download Video surveillance planning and design software

Video surveillance planning and design software


How the software works:

The program includes 5 main functional plug-ins:

Plugin 1: Camera installation drawing

  • Camera Installation Drawing – The following picture (top view) demonstrates the blind spot area and the field of view of the selected camera.
    The software automatically calculates the camera field of view when the user specifies the camera distance, focal length, number of effective pixels per meter (or foot), and displays different colors in different areas: Recognition area: Suspicious person recognition area (250 pixels per meter or 80 pixels per foot - according to standard EN64676-4) Identification area Identification area of ​​known people (125 pixels per meter) Observation area can detect detailed features, such as clothing features (62 pixels per meter). Detection area The area where the target person may appear (25 pixels per meter) Monitoring area Monitorable area and crowd control area (12 pixels per meter)


Video surveillance planning and design software



Plugin 2: Site Layout

  • The software can load site layouts/plans from the local machine or create new plans. New plans can use walls (including curved walls), boxes, doors, windows, fences or stairs. Users can freely add test people, vehicles, trees, furniture, and other test objects.


Video surveillance planning and design software


Plugin 3: 3D Image

This plugin provides a magnified 3D camera stereoscopic effect. Users can apply visual effects such as fog, night scene and other scenes, and also supports fisheye camera demonstration simulation effect map.

Video surveillance planning and design software

Plugin 4: Network Bandwidth and Disk Space

This plugin estimates network bandwidth and disk space to meet design requirements. Supported formats include H.265, H.264, MJPEG, MPEG4, and JPEG2000 codecs.

Plugin 5: DVR View

This plugin can demonstrate the display of multiple distributed 3D cameras on the screen of a digital video recorder (DVR).


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