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How to configure a Hikvision IP camera to work with other NVR brands

How to connect a Hikvision IP Camera to a third party NVR

Can you add Hikvision IP Cameras to Dahua or other NVR Brands?

The Answer is Yes you can connect Hikvsion IP cameras to Dahua, TVT, AVTECH, Uniview, CP-Plus or any other NVR if you do some changes to the IP Camera setting to make it compatible to support that particular NVR. You have to use the ONVIF protocol to add a HIKVISION IP Camera to other Brand NVR.

How to connect a Hikvision IP Camera to a third party NVR

When connecting a Hikvision IP camera to a Hikvision NVR, the setup is simple; the cameras appear automatically and no configuration is required. When connecting two devices from different manufacturers, the situation is different and might appear little complicated.

Hikvision IP cameras can be added to third-party recorders if they support the ONVIF protocol. ONVIF is a protocol that is maintained by various manufacturers and allows cameras and recorders to communicate with one another regardless of manufacturer. Check that the third-party NVR supports the ONVIF protocol in this case.

Before connecting a Hikvision IP camera to another brand of NVR, there are a few things to consider.

Step by Step Guide to add Hikvision IP Cameras to third party NVR.

 1. Connect the IP Camera to a Computer

2.  2. Download the Hikvision SADP Tool

3.  3. Find the IP of the Camera and login using the Internet Browser

4.  4. Enter the Credentials (Username and Password) of the IP Camera

hikvision ip camera login browser

5. Go to Configuration

6. 6. Select Local

7. 7. Make sure the Protocol is set to TCP

    8. Click Save

hikvisoin ip camera configuration

8. 8. Go to Configuration

    9. Go to System>Security

    10. Under Security Services

    11. Untick or Disable "Enable illegal Login Lock"

    12. Click Save

hikvision security settings

13. Go to Configuration

    14. Go to System>Security

    15. Under Authentication

    16. Change both RTSP and Web Authentication from Digest to        Digest/Basic

    17. Click Save

hikvision rtsp web settings

18. Go to Configuration

    19. Go to Network>Advanced Settings

    20. Under Integration Protocol

    21. Enable Hikvision CGI

    22. Set CGI Authentication to Digest/Basic

    23. Enable ONVIF

    24. Add a User


add hikvision ip camera onvif

    25. Create Username

    26. Create a Password

    27. Confirm the Password

    28. Select Administrator 

    29. Click OK

hikvision adding users

Optional Setting if your NVR still did not support the Hikvision IP Camera even when the NVR is ONVIF compatible.

     1. Go to Configuration
    2. Go to Video/Audio
    3. Under "Video"
    4. Change the Resolution to match your NVR (Starting from Lowest Recommended)
    5. Set the Frame rate to 15-20FPS
    6. Set Video encoding to H.264
    7. Set Frame Interval to 20
    8. Click Save

hikvision resolution settings

How to configure Hikvision ONVIF Settings

This is a demonstration video showing how to configure the ONVIF Settings of the Hikvsion IP Camera to support other brand NVR's. You might learn;

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