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How to View a Dahua Recorder Stream Using RTSP (VLC, Linux, etc.)

View Dahua Recorder Streaming in VLC

The Dahua recorders support remote viewing of their streams via the RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol), which may allow us to visualize our cameras from any video player that supports RTSP (e.g. VLC) and connect from operating systems that are not natively supported by the manufacturer (Linux).

Dahua Recorder Streaming in VLC

The following is the format of the command to view an RTSP stream:


Where CHANNEL is the number of the channel to be visualized, ENCODING can be 00 for the main stream or 01 for the extra stream, and LOGIN is a base64-encoded username and password combination.

If our username is "admin" and our password is "123456," we must base64 encode the string "admin: 123456." There are numerous websites where we can do this, such as base64encode.org. The encoded string "admin: 123456" becomes "YWRtaW46MTIzNDU2".

For Example

If we want to connect to the recorder using IP, port 554 (the default RTSP port), channel 1, main stream, user "admin," and password "123456," the full command to use is:


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