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How to choose Time Attendance Control Software

What is Time Attendance Software?

Time Attendance System

Controlling employee attendance is a critical component for a company's growth and success.

Having an efficient and well-organized employee attendance record can mean the difference between your company's success and failure. The reason is simple: a good staff attendance control system enables you to better manage your human capital, combat absenteeism, calculate overtime more accurately, adjust wages and benefits equitably, and prevent workplace accidents... among other things.

However, not every time control system is the same or meets the same requirements. If you want to take your company to the next level, ditch the paper and spreadsheets in favor of 100% digital staff checking software.

What is the definition of staff attendance control?

The control of personnel attendance is an administrative procedure that aims to register and control the time of entry and exit of employees in a specific company or organization.

This is accomplished by filling out a personnel attendance record, which is a physical or digital record of the hours actually worked by each employee.

What is the significance of staff attendance control?

We all know how important it is for businesses to keep track of employee attendance because it allows them to record how much and how often their employees work.

But, in today's world, any solution will no longer suffice; to ensure attendance control, software must be integrated with both physical systems and the most cutting-edge digital methods.

Information is provided.

Keeping track of employee check-in and check-out times can be difficult and conflicting. Attendance and punctuality, on the other hand, are reflected in the productivity of a company's employees.

As a result, every good entrepreneur needs to know which employees are working, when they are working, and if they are working overtime that exceeds their regular working hours.

Cut down on absenteeism.

Absenteeism causes economic losses, lower productivity, and work delays. Fortunately, keeping a record of staff attendance allows us to mitigate the negative consequences of this issue.

It enables more agile and precise payroll calculation.

Having a staff attendance control system will allow us to calculate payroll in a more agile and precise manner, regardless of whether our employees work the scheduled hours or work overtime.

Prevents workplace hazards

Tiredness and drowsiness are the root causes of many workplace accidents. Personnel attendance control contributes to workplace safety by ensuring adequate rest between shifts and working hours. Not to mention that it lowers the risk of diseases caused by work stress and other factors.


How to Maintain a Staff Attendance Log

Companies are free to use whatever method they want to keep track of employee attendance. However, not all systems are the same or cater to the same requirements:

Record books on paper

It is the most common method. Because the personnel attendance record is completed by hand, no automation is possible, resulting in higher management costs. If your company has more than ten employees, we recommend that you avoid it.



Excel dominated the market for time and attendance monitoring for many years. Because of its limited flexibility and scalability, it is currently an out-of-date solution. In fact, using an excel template for attendance control can result in significant errors.

Clocking Machines

Registration of cards or pins, fingerprint readers, biometric recognition, and so on. They are safe systems, but they are somewhat pricey when we consider the initial investment and maintenance that they usually necessitate.

Staff attendance control software that is entirely digital

The most suggested solution. They do not require any type of installation, are accessible via the web, are perfectly scalable, simple to maintain, flexible, and user friendly.

The benefits of implementing staff attendance control software in your company

Time and money are saved.

By automating administrative tasks, you will save time for the entire HR team. H H. and you will save money on operating expenses.

Enhance decision-making

Knowing how employees spend their time will allow you to make smarter, faster decisions. In the age of Big Data, the only way to assess the effectiveness of your human talent management is to collect accurate data on a consistent basis.

Encourages flexible working hours

By eliminating the requirement to physically go to the company to sign in, you will favor flexible work and time management.

Workload distribution

Assigning tasks based on available time promotes a positive work environment and fairness among employees.

With our advanced shift planner, you can make mass changes (exchange and reorganize breaks, schedules, and shifts) so that you can plan and anticipate any situation in a matter of seconds.

What's most important? That your team is always coordinated, and that you provide a system for avoiding overlapping shifts between coworkers.

Encourage openness.

By clearly defining working hours and the hours that each employee works, you will promote transparency and significantly improve coworker relationships.

Features of good time and attendance software

All good time attendance software should have the following features:

Be flexible.

Good attendance control software should be able to integrate with other presence control systems, such as kiosks with tablets, biometric recognition devices (fingerprints), cards, and so on. You can track your working hours with a single app.

Be adaptable.

As a company grows and its workforce expands, the scalability of a personnel checker can become the factor that drives or limits its growth. As a result, it is critical that you select software that is adaptable to any need or size.

Allow the export of data

That is, it can generate reports and statistics on your company's personnel that can be exported to any platform: Excel, Doc, Pdf, and so on.

Ensure data security.

That is, it ensures the security of your employees' data and allows you to set access permissions based on the rank of the person in charge.

Residing 'in the cloud'

That is, thanks to cloud technology, you can access your account at any time and from any location.

Be responsive on the web.

All good attendance control software should have a responsive interface, which means it should look good on any device (mobile, tablet or PC).

All of these characteristics are present in time control software, a solution designed to streamline time control and the management of your employees' vacations and absences through a single tool.

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