How to Reset Password XMEYE CCTV DVR Using QR Code

Reset your XMEYE CCTV DVR Admin Password by using the QR-Code Method.

Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese firm that makes surveillance equipment like DVRs, NVRs, and security cameras, among other things.

XM products are frequently sold under various brand names that employ the same or a slightly modified version of the XM interface. These surveillance devices are sometimes referred to as Chinese cameras, Chinese DVRs or Chinese NVRs, H.264 Chinese DVR, H.265 Chinese NVR, or simply "generic Chinese DVRs," among other terms.

Just follow the simple steps to restore the password. We are using Canavis DVR for demonstration. Any Chinese DVR which runs on XMEYE may require this QR Code method to reset password.

Click Here to Remove XMEYE Password using Safekey method https://youtu.be/u0n9xn76zsU

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